Cotton Jersey

Cotton Jersey is a breathable & soft cotton knit fabric. Making it very comfortable. Cotton breathes well and absorbs moisture very well but does not dry quickly. Cotton Jersey is perfect for knit tops, tee shirts, skirts, dresses, babies' layette items, swaddle and receiving blankets.
Adobo Yarn Dye Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-020R
Apple Red Jersey Knit
Product ID : JRSY-012R
Black / White Streak Marble Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-004R
Black Charcoal Yarn Dye
Product ID : RS-049R
Black Floral on Heathered Gray Jersey
Product ID : JRSYP-184R
Black Heather Charcoal Jersey Knit
Product ID : JRSY-084R
Black Off White Yarn Dye Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-018R
Black Skull Onix White
Product ID : CLP-016R
Black Slub
Product ID : JRSY-064R
Black White Skulls
Product ID : JRSYP-230R
Black/White Sand 1.5 " Stripe
Product ID : JRSYP-054R
Blue & Aqua Floral Jersey Knit
Product ID : JRSYP-044R
Blue and White Thick Stripes
Product ID : JRSYP-016R
Blue Denim Yarn Dye Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-022R
Blue Gray / Azure Yarn Dye Striped Jersey
Product ID : JRSYP-006R
Blue Gray Burnout Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-033R
Blue Gray Stripes
Product ID : JRSYP-022R
Blue Sky Jersey Spandex
Product ID : JRSY-130R