Poly Spun Jersey

Polyester Spun Jersey is often used to replace cotton because of its flexibility and soft light weight. It contains blends of spandex and polyester. The polyester base makes it strong, durable and affordable. Polyester Spun Jersey is a great material for Tshirts, tank tops, skirts and other outerwear. Excellent for loose and fitted garments.
Forest Green Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-113R
Product ID : RS-051R
Goldenrod Yarn Dye
Product ID : JRSY-109R
Gray & White Yarn Dye
Product ID : JRSY-104R
Gray and Charcoal Double Mini Stripes
Product ID : JRSYP-012R
Gray and White Mini Stripes
Product ID : JRSYP-014R
Gray Ashes Yarn Dye Burnout Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-049R
Heather Aqua Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-078R
Heather Grey & Royal Blue Stripes
Product ID : JRSYP-142R
Heather Indigo Blue Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-080R
Heather Light Basil Tri Blend Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-090R
Heathered Hot Pink Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-003R
Heathered Teal Seaweed Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-055R
High Red Yarn Dye
Product ID : JRSY-110R
Hot Rose Jersey
Product ID : RS-060R
Hunter Green Jersey
Product ID : JRSY-083R
Indigo Blue
Product ID : RS-037RW
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Kiwi Jersey Slub
Product ID : JRSY-071R